Reggie Weed: What It Is And Does It Get You High

Reggie Weed

Reggie Weed: What It Is And Does It Get You High?

What Is Reggie Weed?

Considered the black sheep with the spouse and children, this strain will never hold you coming back For additional, but how did it land such a lousy status? Let’s take a look at its qualities when compared with a typical top rated-shelf strain as well as a Reggie weed definition.

Reggie weed is a lower-quality C strain – While some take into account it a B+ or mid-quality weed – typically which has a sativa-dominant heritage. It’s generally thought of a newbie’s pressure as its consequences are incredibly delicate, with THC levels  close to fifteen% to eighteen%.


What Does Reggie Weed Look Like?

Now physical appearance isn’t every little thing but during the strain globe, it may be a terrific sign on the weed excellent. Lots of explain it as obtaining an strange boring, dark green or brown coloration. Often, it’s dotted with lots of seeds but lacks A great deal of your captivating crystallization you hope to discover.

What Does Reggie Weed Look Like?
Reggie Weed

Generally, with substantial-top quality strains like Sweet Kush, there will be considered a mass of trichomes. They are the attractive crystals or frost that sort within the buds. These trichomes can also be the supply of all of the cannabinoids and terpenes in the cannabis, so with minor visible, you could assume a really mellow superior. Large-quality strains must have pretty an interesting dazzling eco-friendly shade Except they have already been genetically modified.


How To Tell If Weed Is Reggie:

  • Color

Before you decide to’ve engaged your nose (and definitely prior to your flavor buds appear into Engage in), one can often spy “reggie” weed by sight. Healthy pot has a number of typical cues, which include brilliant colors. Cannabis that looks yellowed or brown with age is often finest avoided. A further issue to search for is trichomes — prime-notch weed ought to be loaded with these sticky crystals, when “reggie” is often barren on this front. Reminder: the trichomes are really what produce a given bud of flower value using tobacco, so everything devoid of the cannabis important might be not truly worth your time and effort.

  • Scent

Another way to investigate the quality of your cannabis is to present it the outdated scent check. Whilst variances among strains means that there’s no-one singular “right” scent In terms of pot, you’ll find definitely pink flag aromas to know about. Cannabis that smells musty — like it’s been stored in a very basement or somewhere darkish and dingy — is not to be consumed. Ditto anything that provides off a chemical stench. On a far more subtle stage, weed which offers minor aroma or just smells “off” is greatest discarded, in addition. Weed need to odor all-natural and aromatic, so rely on your nose!

  • Taste

Sadly, you may often only start to speculate about the standard of your cannabis once you’ve smoked some. In the event you’ve Superior to the point exactly where can in fact flavor the pot in problem, are you presently noticing any terpene flavors? Notes of blueberry, lemon, or pine are signals that the flower is properly-stocked about the terpene front, while anything that fails to generate some or any of those frequent preferences is nearly definitely low-high-quality. Once again, that runs the gamut from alarming, inappropriate preferences (chemical compounds, mold) to your sheer insufficient any flavor in any way. Whichever finish of your spectrum your “reggie” may possibly land on, the best option is usually to toss it (responsibly) and search for a little something a lot more delicious.

  • Potency

In some instances, “reggie” weed may very well be good, that is to convey remarkably normal. Pot need not be tainted with harmful substances to qualify as “reggie” weed. For a few, the matter arrives down to potency. You will find there’s galaxy of valid reasons to eat cannabis, but benefitting from the medicinal outcomes from the plant is with any luck , a common motivation amongst all followers of pot. If the flower you’re consuming is failing to deliver the predicted higher, that’s a qualifier for “reggie” standing, as well.

Even so, one have to be mindful not to confuse strains bred to deliver subtler highs with very poor-quality weed. But Unless of course you got your flower from the dependable grower or dispensary, this stage is likely irrelevant. Assuming your pot was procured by way of other usually means, weak potency — whether it is feeling no effects in any way, experience a headache in lieu of a substantial, or feeling a notably fleeting or frail substantial — is yet another hallmark of “reggie” weed

With out issue, the best option to ensure you by no means spark An additional bowl of “reggie” once more would be to only buy cannabis from dependable resources. For a few, this might not be a viable possibility at the moment. In that circumstance, a discerning eye and nose are an incredible 1st line of defense. Trust your instincts, much too; If your buds seem to be off, they almost certainly are. Always check out to recollect (bummer though it might be) that no pot is better than tainted pot!



How To Grow Reggie Weed

Are you aware the phrase you enjoy Whatever you sow? By no means has it been truer. Little or no affection goes to the cultivation of the strain. Reggie weed is usually grown outdoors, and while this isn’t always a bad point, it may make escalating a lot more difficult.

When expanding indoors you’ll be able to regulate moisture levels, daylight and temperature to make a significant-excellent variation. Generally, growers will give minor consideration to establishing the plant and simply leave it alone until it makes a good quantity of leaves, which is normally not a lot of.

Yet another problem using this type of strain would be that the female wide variety is fertilized, which suggests it typically makes much more seeds than leaves. It then takes advantage of its worthwhile energy to the seeds as an alternative to the leaves, which reduces the caliber of the strain.


Effects Of Reggie Weed

Reggie generates a relatively brief but delicate higher. Due to its low THC stages, it doesn’t have the facility to create a solid psychoactive reaction. Some smokers have trouble experience any kind of significant in any way. The pressure, as mentioned higher than, is likewise extremely dry – This tends to frequently bring about lots of coughing when smoked and an exceptionally unpleasant dry mouth. Specified high-good quality strains are actually cultivated to provide remarkable highs which include Godfather OG. This is a pressure sure to knock your socks off, mainly because it at the time experienced a THC standard of 34.04%, breaking the earth report for the very best THC articles.

If it’s not developed for psychoactive Homes then it has to be produced for medicinal use, correct? Unfortunately, even its CBD levels can’t reserve it. Being a strain, it’s not perfectly seemed right after or created more than enough to be used as an efficient treatment For numerous ailments. That’s not to mention it received’t support in any respect, but they are quite a few much more strains which include Harlequin that can produce a significantly better effect.


Final Ideas On Reggie Weed

It’s no wonder strain connoisseurs are ever more pissed off with Reggie; it lacks any creativity or enjoyment, whether that be within the higher, flavor, or scent. There are numerous other varieties that can present you with an incredible substantial or medicinal aid.

Many additional states are legalizing cannabis – will this bring on a better creation of top rated-high-quality strains, so does this indicate the top of Reggie? Yes and no. From what we are able to see to date, creativeness in cannabis strains will continue on growing. But for now, it looks like there will almost always be a place for minimal-good quality varieties like Reggie.


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