The Sweet Benefits of Edibles

The Sweet Benefits of Edibles

The Sweet Benefits of Edibles Marijuana is a powerfully beneficial plant. A bold statement perhaps, but likely true as cannabis continues to gain slow legality. What was once deemed as taboo has shifted towards a culture where the word on weed edibles and their various benefits isn’t entirely controversial today. Along this legally nebulous frontier, […]

What are Edibles? Guide for Dosing and Making Marijuana Edibles

What are Edibles

What are edibles? Marijuana edibles at that? For starters, it’s cannabis-infused foods that deliver the trademark marijuana experience through ingestion. There are candies, baked goods, savory dishes, full meals – simply, the possibilities are endless. But unfortunately, so are the experiences, ranging from the highly pleasant, to the extremely comatose. Which bears the question – […]

How to Make Weed Ice Cream That’s THC Potent and Organic

How to Make Weed Ice Cream

Hot damn. Weed ice cream? Organic? And with chocolate chips? When it comes to variety, cannabis recipes for home-cooked marijuana edibles clearly don’t fall short. There are homemade gummy bears, yogurt shakes from the far ancient East, and now, of course, cannabis ice cream. The THC version. For a recipe of its non-psychoactive version, CBD ice cream, we have a […]

What is Bhang? How to Make the Original Weed Drink

What is Bhang

Have you ever read the word Bhang and wondered if somebody made a typo? Well, as you’ll discover today, this ancient cannabis extract product is indeed spelled Bhang. We’ll learn about religious Hindu festivals, lord Shiva, an influential British report, and using marijuana to make magical milk products out of leaves and ground bud. What […]

How to Make Weed Edibles

How to Make Weed Edibles

Interested in learning how to make weed edibles? If you’re on a path of practicing the cannabis kitchen arts then consider yourself one fortunate stoner, because when it comes to variety, cannabis recipes for making marijuana edibles don’t fall short. There are homemade gummy bears, yogurt shakes from the far ancient East, and of course, cannabis ice cream! Just to skim […]

How to Make Cannabis Milk (Cannamilk)

How to Make Cannabis Milk

Now that we’ve got our delicious chocolate chip cookies, what’s missing? I know, it sounds a little far-fetched, but it might be cannabis-infused milk or cannamilk. Using milk as a method to extract our favourite invisible cannabinoids is an effective way to experiencing the trademark cannabis experience, and when you match it with eating cookies, you might […]

THC Gummies – 5 of the Best Weed Gummies on the Market

THC Gummies - Best Weed Gummies on the Market

Once considered a revolutionary marijuana marvel, THC gummies and weed gummies are now some of the most classic and widely-used cannabis edibles available on the market. Now, they’re here to stay, and it’s no surprise why. Within the world of cannabis, innovation and new technologies have provided tokers with a “green revolution” in more ways than one. […]

What is CBD: The Complete Guide to Cannabidiol

What is CBD

If you haven’t discovered the incredible promise of CBD just yet, don’t worry. It’s not too late. As we ease further into 2021, now is the best time to learn about the science behind cannabidiol (CBD). By the end of this guide to cannabidiol, you’ll be all caught up on everything you need to know. […]

5 Major Benefits of CBD Oil

5 Major Benefits of CBD Oil

While current topics on cannabis continue to gain differing opinions on its medical and therapeutic benefits, insight into cannabidiol (CBD) oil has most recently earned its own spotlight within this controversial landscape. Is CBD oil the magical healing extract or a false fad? Cannabidiol, or CBD, is the second most common cannabinoid next to its sister […]

How to Make Weed Gummies for Beginners

How to Make Weed Gummies

How to Make Weed Gummies You may have heard of people making weed gummies, but are unsure exactly how to make weed gummies. Gummy bears and other gummy candies are delicious, tasty treats. They’re also filled with sugar and artificial flavors – not exactly what you’d get if you went to a dispensary and asked for […]

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