7 Best Cannabis Strains for Chronic Pain

Cannabis Strains for Chronic Pain 1536x919 1

Cannabis For Pain: Top Strain to Manage Chronic Pain As the cannabis industry continues to influence the mainstream market, people are becoming more aware of the medical benefits the cannabis plant has to offer. Today, several patients dealing with health conditions like chronic pain choose to use cannabis for pain as an alternative to opioids. […]

Health Benefits of Smoking Weed

benefits of smoking weed

A new study published by the psychology Journal “Frontiers in Psychiatry” has all but confirmed the benefits of smoking weed. While investigating the effects of medicinal weed amongst clinically depressed and anxious study participants, researchers discovered that that using cannabis had lower depression scores compared to their non-smoking counterparts. Tg Anxiety and depression are two […]

How to Make Weed Ice Cream That’s THC Potent and Organic

How to Make Weed Ice Cream

Hot damn. Weed ice cream? Organic? And with chocolate chips? When it comes to variety, cannabis recipes for home-cooked marijuana edibles clearly don’t fall short. There are homemade gummy bears, yogurt shakes from the far ancient East, and now, of course, cannabis ice cream. The THC version. For a recipe of its non-psychoactive version, CBD ice cream, we have a […]

What is Bhang? How to Make the Original Weed Drink

What is Bhang

Have you ever read the word Bhang and wondered if somebody made a typo? Well, as you’ll discover today, this ancient cannabis extract product is indeed spelled Bhang. We’ll learn about religious Hindu festivals, lord Shiva, an influential British report, and using marijuana to make magical milk products out of leaves and ground bud. What […]

How to Make Cannabis Milk (Cannamilk)

How to Make Cannabis Milk

Now that we’ve got our delicious chocolate chip cookies, what’s missing? I know, it sounds a little far-fetched, but it might be cannabis-infused milk or cannamilk. Using milk as a method to extract our favourite invisible cannabinoids is an effective way to experiencing the trademark cannabis experience, and when you match it with eating cookies, you might […]

The Best Strains For Sex Will Have You Never Taking Viagra Again

The Best Strains For Sex

The Best Strains For Sex We live in a world where a true connection is disappearing. Our lives are on full throttle, from sunup to sundown. We devote all our energy to work, facing these busy schedules with a brave face. Deep down, we all want a slower pace where romance, family and community are […]

How to Use Cannabis For Sleep – Catching Z’s With Weed

How to Use Cannabis For Sleep

How to Use Cannabis For Sleep Using cannabis for sleep has been a well-known practice utilized by thousands of people around the world. That said, a good night’s sleep is crucial for every human being to survive and thrive in life. Statistically, the average human spends about 230,000 hours asleep during the average life span […]

Having Sex While High: Best Strains and Activities for the Bedroom

Having Sex While High

Having Sex While High We already know weed can enhance our senses and our experiences – food tastes better, pain lessens, anxiety fades into the background – but what about having sex while high? You’ve probably heard that sex while high ignites romantic fires and takes your sexual experience to the next level. And you might […]

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