When most people think of marijuana, they probably immediately notice the psychoactive effects of using the flower. While marijuana is best known for its mind-altering effects, there are other chemicals in the plant that produce different and sometimes opposite effects that most people would expect.

In fact, there are dozens of chemicals in cannabis flowers with very different effects. While some have no real effect, others can change the way you use marijuana for medical purposes.

For many patients, it all comes down to two different chemicals that occur naturally in cannabis: THC and CBD. Although found in the same plant, the two chemicals can have very different effects on individuals.

The discovery and understanding of CBD’s medicinal properties makes it a more popular option among many patients. Changing your doses of medical marijuana to strict CBD may be the change you need.


What is THC?

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the chemical that has made cannabis both famous and illegal. It produces the mind-altering effects commonly associated with marijuana, as well as other beneficial side effects.

Although it changes the user’s mood, THC is also said to help treat a number of conditions, such as cancer and tumor growth. This could be why medical marijuana is legal in most of the United States.

There are also other characteristics of THC that cannot be found in CBD. THC can act like a sleeping pill, while CBD can potentially have the opposite effect.

Of course, THC draws the most attention when discussing marijuana. But CBD may offer better benefits for some.


What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is another important chemical found in cannabis, but it doesn’t get as much attention as THC. This is because CBD does not affect the mind in the same way as THC.

In fact, CBD does not produce the psychoactive side effects of THC or any psychotropic side effects for that matter.

CBD helps with cancer, inflammation, nausea and pain relief, as does THC. However, the CBD can also combat anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses. This is one of the main reasons why patients prefer CBD over THC. Depending on your individual needs, CBD may provide more of the benefits of the marijuana you seek.

In addition, CBD is known to reduce the side effects of THC. By combining the two together, the medicinal value of THC can be reduced with fewer psychoactive side effects.

Thanks to advances in medical marijuana, CBD is available in a variety of forms. For example, we offer CBD capsules, trekties, oils, lotions and flowers at Premium Medical Marijuana Colorado. On of the most trusted online dispensary and Colorado dispensary shipping worldwide.


Should I Use THC or CBD?

When deciding which product to use to treat your condition, there are many factors to consider.

For medical use, THC and CBD are legal in the state of Nevada. So if you prefer one over the other, you will have no problem finding the product you need.

But the two chemicals can have very different effects on your body, both mentally and physically. The best way to find out which chemical is best for you is to try different products and take notes. CBD oil will have a different effect than CBD flowers, just as you would expect THC oil to be different from THC flowers.

Also keep in mind that you can get both THC and CBD from most strains of medical marijuana. Unless you’re using a pure THC or CBD product, the two chemicals naturally occur together. From there, all you need to do is find a product that gives you the perfect balance of THC and CBD.

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