How Long Does Cannabis Stay In Your Body

You have a drug test next week and you are sweating profusely.

(Too bad you couldn’t sweat all the cannabis in your body. At the pace you go, you’d be free at home).

“How long does cannabis actually stay in your body?” It’s only a few days, isn’t it?

We will…

It’s really hard to say how long cannabis stays in your body

Here’s the problem: it depends on the individual. There are many factors that can determine whether or not a person will test positive for cannabis use. Factors such as

  • How often do you smoke
  • The amount you smoke /% THC in your cannabis
  • Your age, weight and metabolism
  • How often do you exercise
  • The type of test being used

What Drug Testers Are Looking For?

THC, the chemical compound responsible for the “high” feeling you get when you smoke marijuana, actually travels through your body very quickly.

THC is present in your blood after consumption. That’s why police officers rely on blood tests after a car accident to see if you were drunk or not at the time of the accident.

But urine and hair tests work differently.

These tests do not look for the presence of THC. They are looking for a THC metabolite – a waste product of THC called THC-COOH.

This metabolite can stay in your system much longer than THC, which is why this type of testing is used to see if someone is a regular cannabis user.

This is how long cannabis stays in your blood

Single use: 1-2 days

Regular use – up to 7 days

This is how long cannabis stays in your urine

(Marks compliments)

Single use: 5-8 days
2-4 times a week: 11-18 days
5-6 times a week: 33-48 days
Daily use for 50-65 days – up to 77 days

How long does cannabis stay in your hair

Cannabis stays in your hair longer than any other part of your body.

If you’ve only used cannabis once or occasionally, you should be fine. But if you’re a regular cannabis user, consider a 90-day detection period.

And don’t think that just because you have short hair or are bald can get you out of a hair test. Testers have been known to take hair from other parts of the body, such as your armpits, to get the sample they need.

That’s why we need federal cannabis reform

The latest Gallup poll shows that a majority of Americans support legalizing cannabis and that marijuana’s popularity transcends party lines.

The verdict is in. Medical patients and recreational clients should be protected from losing their jobs and federal benefits because they have consumed a substance less hazardous than alcohol. Reforms must take place at the federal level.

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