You started your cannabis adventure and loved it, but now you want to take your cannabis experience to a whole new level by learning to smoke hash.


If this describes you, you can rest assured that you are not alone, as many other enthusiasts in the cannabis community often ask questions about how to get started smoking hash. In this guide you will learn the different ways to smoke hash so that you can try out all the techniques you think are good to get started.


But what exactly is hash?

Many dispensaries stock a wide range of concentrates, but one of the most sought-after is hash. Also known as hash, hash is made from a concentrate derived from ‘kief’ or the dried resin of the flowering tops of mature, unpollinated female cannabis plants. Unlike your typical cannabis strains, which are popular in Western culture, hashish is more recognized in Africa and Asia, but most countries are catching up.

Since hash is a concentrate of weed with a high THC content, beginners are advised to start slowly so as not to cough excessively. Another reason why you should start slow as a beginner is that the THC content in hash is around 20-60%, which is much higher than in weed, which has a THC potency of 10 to 20%. Keep calm and take it slow, but as you develop a little tolerance, you can smoke more of the concentrate. Now that that’s settled, let’s make a higher acquaintance. Buy hash from the most trusted online dispensary near me.


Seven ways to smoke hash

Smoking hash is no higher math, as you can learn to consume it quickly. You can smoke your favorite cannabis concentrate in 7 different ways, all of which are highly effective and can provide a great high.

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  1. Smoke hash with a pipe
    Smoking hash from a pipe is not only one of the most common ways, but also the easiest technique on the list. It is also an effective way to avoid toxins and other carcinogens in smoke. Before putting hash in your pipe or bong bowl, prepare it for the best smoking experience. To prepare your hash, place the substance on a wrench or spoon and gently flame until it is soft and crumbly. Then place the piece on your stamping tool and heat the nail. Once the nail is red, place the dab tool on it so that the concentrate melts and you can start inhaling. You can smoke hash alone or add flowers to it.
hash join
  1. Smoke hash with a joint, blunt or spliff
    If you roll your own herbal weed or tobacco cigarettes, you can smoke your hash with a joint, blunt or spliff. In other words, you can smoke the hash on its own or add weed or tobacco to the mix, but keep in mind that the smoke may be harder and the effect higher than you’re used to. At this point, apply heat to the hash, spread it over the grass, then roll it up. You have to push the hash out of the joint slowly, but be careful not to push it down or the steam may lose its power.
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  1. Smoke hash with a vape pen
    Most people rarely think of using a vape pen to consume hashish, but it is the healthiest technique because compared to other methods you are exposed to fewer toxins and the effects are felt more quickly. Today we have special vape pens for cannabis concentrates so that you can inhale hash with ease. The manufacturer of your portable vaporizer will likely have a guide to consuming hashish, so all you need to do is act according to the directions. Make sure to use the purest hash to reduce residue on your atomizer so you can use your vape pen for longer.
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  1. Smoke hash with a bong
    The water pipe is in fact a hose with one or more hoses and is therefore ideal for groups and parties. To use this technique, roll the hash into the balls and place them on top of the bong. Then fill three quarters of the bong with water and heat the charcoal until it is red so you can place it over the hash and start inhaling.
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  1. Smoking hash with heated blades
    This method is old fashioned and simple, but it can be quite dangerous as there is a risk of injury if you are not careful. It’s generally not recommended, but if you really must try it, here’s how to go about it. Take two metal knives and place them on the stove so they can heat up. Once it’s hot, place a piece of hash between the blades and it will vaporize instantly for you to inhale right away.
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  1. Smoking hash with globe hash
    Globe hash is another vintage method of smoking the concentrate using a needle and globe with a cork bottom and a glass top. The way you smoke it is to take a piece of hash and stick it on the top of a needle, which then goes into the cork bottom of the bulb. The piece is then lit and covered with the top of the glass orb once it starts to smoke. The smoke will then start to build up and when the globe is full of it, it’s time to start inhaling.
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  1. Smoking hash through a straw
    This method is popular with hash smokers because it makes the process easier. Just take a piece of hash and put it on the end of a paperclip and then light it little by little. Bring your straw closer and let the hash smoke through.


Now that you know how to smoke your hash, you can get started right away. Each of the above methods is effective, but keep your tolerance level in mind so you can smoke responsibly. We have a number of hash options available so feel free to stop by our shop to buy hash in Colorado so you can enjoy the smooth and amazing high that hash has to offer.


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