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Sienna Arcvine
Sienna Arcvine
April 23, 2022.
Just got another order and it was more better than the last. If you want stuff that matches the description and just trust its gonna be kills and arrive on time with no issues. PMM is the way for you.
Zoe Holder
Zoe Holder
April 22, 2022.
We all know that its very hard leaving a good consistent source for your goods. But sometimes you gotta take the chance and I gotta say the chance I took has been Fantastic! just got another order and it was more better than the last. If you want stuff that matches the description and just trust its gonna be kills and arrive on time with no issues. PMM is the way for you.
Barbara Hatten
Barbara Hatten
April 10, 2022.
Best Cannabis store in Colorado. Amazing service, amazing product. It’s fast same day order and I will be recommending this shop to everyone! A true pleasure.
Lily Embling
Lily Embling
April 4, 2022.
Ive been ordering from this dispensary for a awhile . Every time I am never upset or let down. Ive used other places and their strains must not be growing properly because their moldy and not right which has never happened here. Ill stick to PMM.. all the bubba , pinks and the icecream strain are really good for me . I really appreciate . They are consistent which is a must for me
Phoebe Macknight
Phoebe Macknight
March 30, 2022.
Amazing customer service, I got my package earlier than expected. They added free stuff in my package. I definitely recommend this place. Dave was amazing helping me through the whole process. Thank you guys
Carolyn Cortez
Carolyn Cortez
March 26, 2022.
Firstly I’d like to say I received premium class service from questions regarding my order before placing it. After placing my order, it took just 72 hours to be delivered without any problems. Products are top notch and as advertised. I always grab a sativa and an indica so I’m covered for the whole day if you know what I mean ;). I am impressed with these guys and will definitely order again.
Harry Kane
Harry Kane
March 24, 2022.
5 star service, great value on great products...and the vape carts were probably the best I've ever received from a MOM.
Thomas Taideio
Thomas Taideio
March 23, 2022.
I purchased online for the first time, from PMM. Outstanding prices, selection, customer service products. I will be ordering again. You don't need to shop anywhere else. PMM my go to online dispensary. Thanks
Harry Soon
Harry Soon
March 21, 2022.
My order arrived a day earlier than the expected delivery date, the customer service was super friendly and of course the products that I ordered were all top notch.
Williams Elijabeath
Williams Elijabeath
March 20, 2022.
These guys are fantastic!! Super exotic weed ( their Sky Cake Strain is one of the best I’ve tried, this is my go to strain) Super fantastic customer service, the person actually texted me to make sure I received my product, even though it wasn’t late, they just wanted to make sure everything is cool???? Highly highly recommend!

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Welcome to PremiumMedicalMarijuana! Order Cannabis at the best online dispensary in Colorado. Our goal is to provide customers looking to buy weed online with a safe, trustworthy, and reliable mail-order marijuana service. We offer you a Cannabis store for the finest selections of marijuana strains, edibles, concentrates, vapes, CBD, and accessories. Buy cannabis products with us and you will not only receive excellent quality but fast shipping times, all at bargain prices. We are Colorado’s top option for buyers as the #1 go-to online dispensary.


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Buying weed online from our online weed dispensary ensures you receive premium marijuana delivered to your mailbox anywhere in the United States. All the products at our online weed store are tested and shipped 100% discreetly. When you buy weed online at our dispensary, the packaging is tamper-proof and smell-proof.

PremiumMedicalMarijuana is one of the most trusted  online dispensary in Colorado that provides high-quality cheap buds in USA with fast shipping. You don’t have to compromise on quality to get affordable marijuana products. When you buy weed online from PMM today you get premium cannabis strains for the lowest prices.



Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we work around the clock to ensure that you have a pleasant user experience to buy weed online.



Over 9+ years of industry experience from our team of professionals, and thousands of non-biased reviews you can rely on.



We hold our suppliers to the highest level of standard that they must adhere to in order to provide our members the highest level of satisfaction.



Canadians with a medical need can gain access to quality controlled marijuana through becoming a member of PMM.



Membership information is securely and privately stored in an industry-standard compliant database.



Undetectable and discreet packaging enables you to shop with Premium Medical Marijuana in complete confidence.

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The Indica strain is characterized by its short and stubby leaves. It features a short flowering time and prefers colder climates. Indica’s are well known for their relaxing properties. Users often prefer Indica cannabis products for nighttime use, easing muscle tension, relieving stress, depression and chronic pain and insomnia.

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Hybrid strains are designed with balance in mind. They feature the best aspects of Sativa’s and Indica’s. Hybrids are high-quality cannabis strains with a wide range of effects and benefits. By selectively interbreeding strains, patients are able to purchase strains tailored to their specific needs.

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The Sativa strain is taller than it’s Indica counterpart and boasts thinner leaves. Sativa’s grow tall and thrive in warm climates. Sativa’s are mentally stimulating. Marijuana products containing Sativa produce a cerebral high that alleviates depression, anxiety, mood disorders, fatigue as well as elevating moods.

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Take a look at our PremiumMedicalMarijuana shop menu and fill your cart with marijuana flower, weed edibles, cannabis concentrates, vapes, CBD, & more. Enjoy the lowest prices on flower in California!

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Once you have your items in your cart, proceed to checkout & enter your shipping information, place an order, & payment details will be sent to you through email or phone #. If you have questions visit our FAQs, contact us via LifeChat at the lower right button on your screen, or email us at

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After your payment is processed we will ship your order through any shipping agency available. You will get a tracking number within 24 hours and should receive your order depending on the shipping time you choose at checkout.



The Colorado Cannabis market is in constant flux, that’s why at High Grade Bud our mission is simple; provide patients with high-quality Medical Marijuana. With over 9+ years combined in the cannabis industry, our team is well suited for delivering on this promise.


We understand privacy is of the utmost importance, for this reason, we’ve dedicated an entire team to privacy and security. When it comes to privacy, there’s no such thing as a day off. Our team works around the clock to ensure private information is collected and wiped out daily.


Trust is key when dealing with a Marijuana dispensary. Hence why we focus on creating the best experience possible for consumers, from Coast to Coast. At Premium Medical Marijuana Shop, our clients and their satisfaction is the top priority.