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This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

Psilocybin is the compound responsible for the wonderful journey you embark upon when you ingest a magic mushroom. It’s a naturally-occurring chemical found in some types of mushrooms commonly found in Europe, the United States, South America, Africa, basically every continent besides Antarctica.

Mushrooms containing psilocybin are usually brown or tan. The most commonly known species in the Americas is the Psilocybe Cubensis. Sometimes, some poisonous mushrooms have been mistaken for magic mushrooms and led to unwanted consequences. This is why, even if shrooms grow in your backyard, you shouldn’t pick them unless someone experienced has made sure that they aren’t poisonous.

Psilocybin and all magic mushrooms are classified as psychedelic drugs. When you take psilocybin, your body ingests it and turns it into psilocin, which is the actual chemical that takes you on your trip. The compound works by activating the serotonin receptors in the prefrontal cortex. It’s the part of the brain that affects cognition, perception and mood.

What this means is that, unlike other psychedelic drugs that stimulate other parts of the brain and evoke panicked or fearful reactions, psilocybin does not shape your experience. You definitely won’t get any jump-scares, nor will you start to feel paranoid.

Even though a psilocybin trip is usually very visual, this doesn’t always mean that you will see things that are not there. The most significant change will be your perception of everyday items. Things that were dull and uninteresting become new and exciting, colours become livelier, and your everyday world becomes bright.

Psilocybin works through your expectations. That is, your mentality and state of mind can shape your experience. If you go in scared, jumpy or paranoid, you probably won’t have the best trip. But if you’re calm and accepting, you’ll be able to go on a journey of introspection. And if you’re hyped up and excited, you’re likely to get even more amped while on your trip.

If you’ve never tried any psychedelics before, you must know that they are nothing like alcohol or cannabis. It’s a completely different experience, one that reveals the innermost depths of your own mind.

On a proper recreational dose, the experience is very visual. You’ll see geometric patterns and even colors in some cases; the vibrancy of everything in your field of vision will increase dramatically, things will become warm and hazy, and you’ll feel extremely attached to nature and your primal instincts.

On a low dose however, the experience is only slightly euphoric and mostly therapeutic. You’ll observe increased creativity and a general feeling of well being and gratitude.

Many psilocybin users claim that their first psychedelic experience was the most defining experience in their life and that it changed them in a certain way, for the better of course.

We briefly explained how dosage affects trips in the last subheading, but now we’ll elaborate on magic mushrooms’ actual effects.

You can expect to feel relaxed and, perhaps, a little excited. Expect your heart to be beating hard. Expect to feel giggly and maybe even a little confused. There’ll also be the sense of time flying past or slowing down.

The experience takes you on a journey of introspection by showing you the world as you’ve never seen it before. The trip’s intensity relies on the dosage and whether you ate the mushroom dried, fresh, or cooked into food or a drink. But your state of mind also has a part to play. As we said before, the psilocybin is the medium, but your expectations shape the experience.

You should start feeling a change about 20 to 30 minutes after you eat your shrooms. The effects should peak about 80 minutes to two hours after consumption.

On average, a magic mushroom trip should last about four to six hours. However, some people report still feeling the effect a little bit, even eight hours after taking it. There are also reports of feeling a “glow” the next day.


Magic mushrooms are the safest psychoactive substance out there. They’re not habit-forming, nearly impossible to overdose on and non-toxic. This doesn’t mean that you should gobble up 10 dried grams of shrooms with honey and go about your day all carefree and cheerful.

They do have their negative effects. It all depends on the dose you take, along with the set and setting that you consume them in. At low doses like 500mg to 1g (dried), shrooms are absolutely harmless. It’s only after the 2g mark that things begin to get slippery for beginners.

Feeling fear before taking mushrooms is considered normal within the psychedelic community. Like Terence McKenna once said; take it easy, but take it!


Just like any psychedelic, the risk lies in having a fear of “losing control” during the experience. If this fear gets out of hand, the user might have a terrifying experience. This is the main reason why having mental support during your experience. It could be a doctor, a trip sitter or a shaman. Unless you’re really experienced with psychedelics, we don’t recommend consuming high doses of magic mushrooms alone.

If you’re afraid of having a bad trip, just remember; let the experience consume you. Surrender to the substance, let your mind flow, and try not to rationalize or obsessively analyze the thoughts that cross your mind. Simply observe.

Magic mushrooms are known to help with the following conditions:

  • Depression
  • Hopelessness
  • Suicidal Tendencies
  • Addiction
  • Cancer
  • Spiritual Or Existential Distress

Magic Mushroom Dosage Chart
Microdose: 50mg to 500mg
Creative Dose: 0.5g to 1g
Concert Dose: 1g to 3g
Heroic Dose: 4g+

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This article is aimed at providing knowledge-based information about the magic mushroom and not in any way a recommendation for its use.

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