How old was the oldest batch of cannabis you ever smoked?

And when you smoked it, was it still fresh? Or was it stale and tough on your lungs and taste buds?

If it was the latter, don’t despair! You’re not dealing with weed because you didn’t smoke it for the first few months you consumed it.

Yes, it’s no secret that marijuana can lose its freshness, flavor and potency over time.

But if you learn how to properly store your cannabis, you will enjoy these buds for a long time. Here’s How To Do It!

The 4 Enemies Of Fresh Cannabis

  1. Light
    When it comes to George Lucas and the Star Wars movies, cannabis favors the ‘dark side’.

This is because UV light breaks down cannabinoids such as THC. The more light bombards your heads, the less powerful those heads will be.

  1. Air
    Exposure to air not only makes your cannabis dry faster, but the oxidation process can turn THC into a CBN cannabinoid.

The good thing is that CBN can help you sleep better, but it’s not very comforting if you really want that magic of THC.

  1. Heat
    Ideally, you want to keep your cannabis at a temperature around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything higher than that can turn cannabis into a mussel factory. But if the heat gets too high, the buds will dry out, destroying the cannabinoids and terpenes.
  2. Humidity
    When it comes to cannabis storage, the “Goldilocks zone” for relative humidity is between 55 and 62%. This level will help your cannabis maintain its taste, aroma and potency. However, if the percentage is higher, you run the risk of mold formation.

3 Tips To Properly Store Your Cannabis

  1. Use an airtight glass container
    Mason jars are a great inexpensive option. Their lockable lids can prevent air from going in or out.

Make sure the jar is the right size for the amount of weed you’re storing. You don’t want to put weed in a big pot. Otherwise you will let in more air, which can affect the quality of your flower.

  1. Keep it out of direct sunlight
    Keep your cannabis in a cupboard or drawer. If you can store the weed yourself in a dark or black glass jar, even better.
  2. Keep it in a cool, dry place
  • Do not store it in the refrigerator or freezer. Contrary to popular belief, none of these places will keep your weed fresh.
  • The temperature and humidity of a refrigerator is not reliably stable because a refrigerator is constantly being opened and closed.
  • The freezer is especially problematic because the trichomes in your buds can freeze, become brittle and fall out. The trichomes are the part of the flower that usually contains the most THC, so you definitely don’t want to lose them!
  • Do not store it near or on top of any appliance that generates heat.
  • Ideal storage areas are cabinets/shelves close to the floor or a basement.

Do you have any tips for keeping your buds fresh? Do you often keep cannabis for long periods of time or are you the ‘take and smoke’ type? Post your experiences on the comment section!

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