If you are new to cannabis, you may only know one or even two ways to use cannabis.

It’s time to broaden your horizons!

There are actually four ways to get cannabis into your system, and knowing what they are isn’t just a helpful anecdote. Depending on your health, living conditions and/or personal preferences, one of these methods may work much better for you than the other.

Here they are!


1. Smoking

The most famous method of consuming cannabis!

You can smoke marijuana with a joint, pipe, bong or – if you’re really creative – an empty beer can or even an apple!

BENEFITS: The effects are almost immediate. Easy to control the dosage.

Cons: You inhale smoke into your lungs. If you use cannabis to treat chronic pain, you will need to take a dose every 1 to 3 hours to continue to get relief.

2. Vaporizing

Vaporization isn’t just for Martians with ray guns. It’s also a great way to inhale cannabis without all the smoke.

A cannabis vaporizer is a device that heats the cannabis flower or oil to a temperature below its combustion point, releasing the cannabinoids as vapor. You inhale this vapor as if you were smoking.

You can invest in a desktop vaporizer for home use, or you can purchase a portable vape pen.

BENEFITS: Same benefits as smoking, but without corrosive smoke getting into your lungs.

Cons: Like smoking, you may need to take a dose every 1 to 3 hours to treat chronic pain. Sometimes the oil in disposable vape pen cartridges can also thicken and clog your pen. But a pen battery that allows you to heat the oil in seconds can help solve this problem.

3. Edibles

Who doesn’t love cookies, brownies and candy?

Now add the same treats with cannabis and you have a surefire way to ingest the Green Queen without involving your lungs. You can make your own cannabis-infused meals or buy ready-made edibles.

BENEFITS: They are delicious. More intense, more deeply felt. It can take up to 6 hours.

CONS: It usually takes up to 30 minutes to two hours to work, depending on your metabolism. It may also take some practice to measure and distribute each dose depending on how the product is made.


4. Topicals

The skin is the largest organ in the human body and can absorb things like sunlight, oxygen, sunscreen…

Speaking of lotion, have you ever tried smearing cannabis on your skin? Because that is absolutely possible!

Topicals cover a wide range of products for applying cannabis to the skin in the form of lotions, balms, oils and balms.

ADVANTAGE: They can be used to directly treat damaged skin, sore muscles and joint pain. Plus, THC doesn’t enter your bloodstream, so it won’t get you high.

DISADVANTAGE: Like we said, you won’t get high. 😉 Seriously, some subjects smell like cannabis, especially if they’re homemade. If this is a problem for you, you may want to stay home after applying them.


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